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Moving Tips from King George Moving and Storage

To help ease the process of moving, below is a list of moving tips prepared by the experts at King George Moving & Storage Ltd.

• Stay calm by planning ahead. Sort through your belongings to reduce the number of things you move. Ask yourself "If I haven't used it, do I need it?" Donate it, sell it, or throw it out if it will not be useful to anyone else.

• Gather packing supplies such as boxes, packing material, tape, and felt markers. Don't skimp on these materials! Packing your possessions properly is the best way to ensure safe transit for your belongings.

• Sketch a floor plan of your new home and prearrange placement of furniture. This will make unloading and moving in easier and faster.

• Make arrangements to transport your plants and pets. Unfortunately, we cannot transport pets and there is no guarantee that your plants will arrive exactly as placed in the moving truck. If you would like to send your plants with us, please try to stabilize them by placing them in a box if they are small. If they are large, then wrap the pots with plastic to reduce the chance of any spillage or mess. Please do not water your plants prior to moving, as it will make them heavier to move and may cause spillage inside the truck (for which there would be a cleaning charge).

• Pack and label items you're taking in your car that would be needed immediately upon moving, such as medicines, valuables, and any items that children or babies would need for the first day.

• If we are taking care of the packing process and you want certain items to be kept together in your new home, organize them so they'll be packed together.

• Properly label and organize all boxes. Remember that we are there to pack, not organize.

• Drain fuel and oil from lawnmowers and other power equipment, making sure to leave the gas cap off. Dispose of anything that may leak or is flammable, such as paint cans.

• We cannot move the propane tank on your BBQ, as it is an explosive.

• Remove all "spillables" from boxes. We are not responsible for any damage due to leaking.

• Remove breakables and small items—such as jewelry—from dresser drawers and pack them properly.

• Make sure that mirrors and pictures are protected properly with bubble wrap and/or cardboard, minimizing any chance of damage or breakage. We do supply moving blankets, which are often helpful for packing mirrors.

Moving Tips for Packing Boxes

• Be at your home when the movers arrive and throughout the process of moving out. If you can't be there, make sure we have in writing the name and phone number of the person you've authorized to take your place. That person must be at least 19 years of age.

• If you need to protect your carpets, we can provide carpet runners, but they are for the main entryway only. Please lay down some old sheets or runners to protect the rest of the carpeting, if necessary.

Living Room

• Monitor tripping hazards.

• Tour your home with the driver upon arrival, fully examining the goods to be moved.

• Before the driver has left, tour your home again to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Make sure you check all closets and storage areas.

• See that your new address and phone number are correct on the bill of lading.

• Be at the new home when the driver arrives. Make sure you have payment ready for the driver, as payment is required prior to the unloading of the truck.

• Use your new home floor plan to assist our team with proper furniture placement.