Moving Checklist

Below is a moving checklist covering what to do the day prior to moving and what to keep with you. Contact us today.

Important Tasks

• Gather your packing supplies.
• Place your legal, medical, financial, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place to take with you on moving day.
• Purchase insurance coverage for valuables to be moved.
• Pack items you don’t use regularly first—off-season clothes/decorations and items—in storage areas (garages or attics).
• Make travel arrangements for pets.
• Get medical records from your doctor, dentist, optometrist, and veterinarian if you are moving a far distance away.
• Back up important computer files to CDs or other portable memory devices.
• Contact the post office and utility companies—gas, electric, water, cable, trash collector, alarm company, phone, and internet providers—and notify them of your move.
• Set up utilities in your new residence for move-in day.
• If appropriate, close or transfer your bank account and safety deposit boxes.
• Gather all extra keys for your home as well as codes for the alarm company if applicable and put in a safe place for the new homeowners or give to the real estate agent.
• Undergo a change of address at the post office and send change of address cards with your new address and phone number to your friends and family, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and other financial institutions, magazines and newspapers, gyms, memberships, doctors, lawyers, accountants, REALTORS® and other service providers, government agencies (Revenue Canada/Child Tax Benefits, BC Medical, pension plans), workplace, schools and alma maters, voter registration and motor vehicle bureaus, child scholarship funds, etc.

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The Day Before the Move

• Pad corners and stairways of house, if necessary.
• Remove hanging fixtures and prepare them for shipping.
• If you’re driving, check the oil and gas levels in your car.

• Set aside moving materials such as tape measures, packing tape, pocket knives, and rope. (These items may be necessary to secure wrappings and moving blankets.)

Things To Keep With You

• Keys to your new home.
• Phone number of the moving company.
• Cash and credit cards.
• Documentation related to the sale of your home.

• Prescription and non-prescription medicines.
• A container to keep small parts and hardware from any disassembly.
• Any important personal records and documents, as well as items of personal value.